SEO 2005

Search Engine Optimization translated from English means search engine optimization. In 2005 I had to deal with this topic due to the website that I developed at that time for a certain target group.However, at that time there was no teaching material, professors or numerous companies dealing with this new development of search engine-friendly websites.

Learning by doing!

At that time that was the only option and I remember very well how easy it was to create a search engine optimized website.In the title area of the HTML code, you simply create matching text with the search term and the website name; at that time this was sufficient to land with most search terms on the top 3 positions of the then known search engines. Example 2005:

HTML code:



<title> Zahnä -Rhein Main area </title>



<h2> Welcome to “Dentists from Frankfurt” </h2>

… .. Descriptive text regarding the subject … ..



Of course, best if not already taken over by the competition as a website name “www.zahnä” sufficient for a top position in the search engines Google, MSN andYahoo, which were common at the time. The best kept SEO secret for a successful website optimization was that simple in the middle of the 2000 years.

If you compare these simple SEO measures with today’s one you are easily impressed if you know a little bit about HTML coding. Nowadays search engine optimization measures are much more necessary as the pagerank algorithm has improved in the following years. Pagerank is named after one of the Google founders and is used for better analysis of link structures and links.