Search Term

The most important of an optimization measure is the selection of the search term for your website and or service!

The search term or the search terms can be single words or a combination of words which better represent the locality in relation to the service.

Several factors play a major role in the selection:

  • Company name
  • Website name
  • Search term / search terms / keyword
  • Locality
  • target group

Company name should match the search term in order to be found better in the search results of the various search engines. However, if a well-known brand or company name such as famous brand manufacturers such as Boss, Apple, Microsoft, Daimler, Porsche, Ferrari and various other different producers are on the market.

The search term selectionshould not be based on the service but rather on the company’s brand.In this case, it is not absolutely necessary to determine the search terms after entering the products.

For a better understanding, we list a few examples here:Boss (search terms: highquality perfume, luxury perfume)Ferrari (search term: luxury car, luxury cars)Apple (search terms: Apple Computer, Virus Free Computer, Eat Apple -risk of confusion with food.)

In our example, Boss is a very well-known perfume manufacturer that focuseson customers who belong to the higher class of society.Therefore, it is sufficient to simply focus on the company name in order to reach its target group.

Ferrari does not necessarily need search engine optimization, since customers use google or other channels to focus on “Ferrari” in the search rather than “luxury cars” or “expensive cars”.