Search Engines

The largest search engines in the world are Google in 1st place, in 2nd place is Baidu and in 3rd place is Yahoo.You can determine this using the Alexa Statistics Tool.

TOP 6 search engines (statistics from 11 May 2020):

  2. (Chinese search engine)
  4. Yahoo.Co.JP (Japan)
  5. (politically motivated?)

We obtain this statistical analysis from the Alexa.Com page, which you can also determine yourself at any time, visit the website here Alexa.Com. Due to these statistics, which are not understandable for everyone, we can add some explanations.


We are sure that many do not understand how Baidu is in second place and not as well known in Europe, America and most of the world. The reason for this is that Baidu is a Chinese search engine, because the government of China blocked “Google” in their concern, some others claim to prevent America’s influence.

In China, all non-governmental content is censored, this could be a decisive factor why the Republic of China is very interested in not granting “Google” access to the Chinese market. From the perspective of the Republic of China, the reason is to protect the population from false statements from the United States.

Voices predominantly from the United States and their allies claim that the Chinese government intervenes in the human rights of its own people.

Conversely, this should be treated with caution, since, from a global perspective, the United States, of course, also deleted many articles and videos from YouTube, which are restricted by community guidelines in the freedom of expression or exercise.! is in third place in the statistics, but this could also be due to the various services, such as Yahoo Mail.Unfortunately, is not just a search engine, it also often serves as an email service provider.

This could easily lead to the suspicion that Yahoo is not just about the pure search function for information! -Japan!

With the ending “JP” after the point and stands for Japan, one of the founders of Yahoo is rooted in his lineage with Japan and this could be one of the decisive reasons.

Google.Com.HK is in 5th place and HK means Hong Kong. Hong Kong is located not far from the Chinese mainland and, from the perspective of the Republic of China, applies to China.However, the Hong Kong people feel independent of China and are always trying to ensure their independence with the help of other major powers.

Many Chinese from the mainland try to go to Google.Com.HK more often to get information critical of the government. Here the search engines are most likely usedfor political purposes and could possibly also be used for private purposes, as a larger selection of information is available h