Google Insight For Search

Google offers its search engines the analysis of search requests country-specific and global. This free of charge also provided in short “Google Insights” and is also regarded as an extension of Google Trends.

With the help of this free service, the search queries for geographical origin, depending on the search volume, are very manageable and in color and in the form of graphical statistics.

This tool is a helpful extension with the other free services such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

However, with Google Insights or Google Trends it is very helpful to analyze search queries not from your ownwebsite.

This serves as an aid in the selection and search term analysis for the existing or newly developed website and search engine optimization.

It is easily confused with Google Trends, but is the individual search analysis because you personally as a service provider, company or private person want to calculate the search queries according to your preferences and criteria.

Google Trends is more of a tool that Google’s search volume automatically, schematically and figuratively in the form of colors and graphics.You can find more information under the heading “Services” as a “submenu item”!