Google Trends

A prediction tool for search queries divided into individual countries and regions is shown schematically in graphics.

Google Trends is easily confused with Google Insights Search but not the same after all, because the current trends are clearly shown here.

This is or can play an essential role for website optimization or search engine optimization in the online customer acquisition of new prospects.

A simple example from May 15, 2020 is the search term “Coronavirus” or “Corona” related to the search queries in Germany.Germany ranks 53rd in terms of global search queries for the keyword “Coronavirus”!

In order for you to receive a comparable search result at a later point in time, you should get the exact same results of the search term limited to the previously mentioned time. Due to the current “corona virus” situation-related search combinations such as can be seen in the following screenshot image from Google Trends.

Image file:

It is advisable to think about this and to integrate these search combinations into the website as words for a short or long term, which finding them on Google could help the optimized website to generate new viewers.

As far as you are familiar with these measures, the SEO optimizers should be able to do this.

Adapt your website according to this content in order to be found better in the search engines.