The great interest of politics in the control of the individual has been known for some time. From history we can clearly understand that the power of individual kings, emperors and rulers is always in harmony with the control of the population in order to secure their own power.

A search engine has the function according to a pagerank algorithm according to the link structure of the individual to promote a page collectively or not to promote the placement of the search results.

However, so-called security measures of national security are increasingly justifying or even unfounding. That lies in the perspective of the individual or in collective groups, parties, organizations, religious communities and other institutions.

Measures here are for example:

  • Deletion of the website from the search engine
  • Not found in the search results
  • Instruction to use the correct wordingoracismoUnethical, nonconforming to religionoIllicit sectomobbing
  • Google bombing
  • Adult content